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Interview with Adriana

Adriana, what's your job at Italo?

I am in charge of analysis and commercial performances. My job is to analyse the results of sales, in order to improve Italo's commercial positioning. In close collaboration with the Revenue Management office we analyse the main performance indicators to understand which commercial offer or what ambience we should focus on.

Tell us about your career path, from initial interviews to date.

During the selections I had a lot of anxiety, working for Italo was my first important job. I did my best, both in the various selection interviews, and in the tests during the training course, where I met many people who I still keep in touch with. After finishing the training course I officially started my adventure at Italo as station hostess at the Napoli Centrale station. My task was to welcome passengers to Italo, offering customer care and assistance to book and manage their travel. Working as a hostess was very stimulating, since every day I met different kinds of people and this helped me acquire a certain mental elasticity in order to be able to respond to the needs of the customers. In 2014 I applied for my current position: I was studying economics and marketing at the university and I was fascinated by the opportunity to match my studies with my job. The interviews went well and today I am very satisfied with the job I am doing and, in general, of my career path at Italo, every day my professional growth gives me immense satisfaction.

What do you like about your job?

I especially like the immediacy of the results of the decisions taken. Substantially, in my role I support the pricing strategies: the choices we make almost immediately become commercial promotions and sometimes are published on our website the same afternoon. I like to work constantly in contact with the heads of the various channels and with the Revenue Management office because it gives me the opportunity to broaden my knowledge and interact with the business from many points of view.

What is it like to work at Italo?

Working for Italo is exciting. Our company rewards effort and who works hard. There is a lot of team work and I am very pleased with my career path for which I must also thank my manager, Dr Bonadies, which gives me the opportunity to tackle different job challenges every day and, that's exactly what makes it stimulating.

At this point, let us ask an open question: Italo enabled to you to...

I must say that Italo gave me the chance to grow, both professionally and from the point of view of my character and gave me the opportunity to put myself on the line on both fronts. Italo has also allowed me to do something very important that recently not may young people of my age can do: turn their studies and their passions into their job, I am extremely lucky.

Can you tell us about Adriana, outside of Italo?

Outside of Italo I try to make the most of my 29 years. I like to spend time with friends and with my family. I love to travel and as soon as I have a free weekend… I run away!

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