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Interview with Fabio

Fabio Salvatori, with Italo since July 2011, is currently the Contact person for Feasibility Studies and Benchmarking in the Product Strategy and Development area(Since September 2016 - Purchasing Manager).

What's your job at Italo?

Within the area where I work, Product Strategy and Development, I am the contact person for "Feasibility and Benchmark" and my main job is to assess the economic feasibility of new projects related to the Italo and Italobus network. Proposals for new services, such as adding a new route, are analysed by feasibility studies to check the convenience of implementing them, before turning them into real projects.

After assessing their technical feasibility, which is done by my colleagues in the "Network" area, Davide Di Nocera and Andrea Tresca, it becomes an economic matter. That's where I start: analysing a project means to assume and forecast income scenarios on the basis of market conditions present at the time of the analysis itself, to estimate the costs related to the activity subject being studied and to calculate the resulting margin.

These activities are necessary to have the tools to determine if the idea of a new service can generate enough profit to be profitable, or if it is better to focus on different development scenarios.

To reach the required result, it is also necessary to analyse production and the incumbent's market, other activities that are part of my job. Specifically, and taking as an example the study we carried out for adding a new route or a new service, we must analyse the commercial offer of the incumbent or of the reference companies in the field we are studying, both in terms of type of services offered, their quantity and other variables related to production (materials, places, distances, etc.), and also in terms of existing tariffs being offered. Also, with the precious and fundamental help of my colleague Liliana Zarobbi, we monitor the train performance so as to assist the strategic choices of the "Network" area.

Tell us about your career path, from initial interviews to date.

The selections lasted about 3 months and I joined Italo in July 2011. After having worked in the supply chain field for ACEA in the procurement and logistics division, after I earned my master's degree in public procurement, I moved to Milano to work as an officer of ALER of Milano, an organisation that manages part of the real estate assets of public residential building of Lombardy's Regional Government.

I sent my CV to Italo because they were looking for Management Support staff: the company needed someone who was familiar with administrative tasks and with purchasing management and suppliers. Similarly to what happened to many other colleagues, I decided to take a leap into the unknown. It wasn't easy to take this decision because it meant leaving a job where I had built my position and professionalism, but in the end my courage was rewarded. My first job at Italo was at the Roma Ostiense local office: there I handled facility management for the stations of the centre-south of Italy, from Firenze to Salerno, I took care of small purchases for the stations and for the local offices and supervised administrative tasks related to logistics cycles.

In October 2013 I started to work at the offices of the headquarters in Viale del Policlinico in the supply chain area, while continuing to supervise logistics cycles and administrative tasks of the Operations Department.In 2015 I worked for Francesco Fiore as part of Managing Director's Staff, first as Strategic Planning, then Product Strategy and Development, taking responsibility for the activities that later became my current job.

What do you like about your job?

The aspect that I like most of my job is certainly the "across the board" visibility that I have on all the other sectors of Italo. My job gives me a complete view of all of the company's business; this overall vision is needed to be able to carry out the activities my job is based on. The other aspect that I like is the dynamism, because within the team I'm a part of, we work on projects and initiatives that are always new and exciting.

What is it like to work at Italo?

Working for Italo is a continuous challenge, and I like that a lot. When this company's adventure started, the enthusiasm was very high, and I still feel that same enthusiasm, when I do my job. As I said before, the department where I work produces ideas and carries out the first steps to set up new initiatives or to develop new aspects of current services. When you see a project start and grow, when you take part in its development and then see it come to life, you can't help becoming passionate and enthusiastic; that's why I'm happy to work for Italo and, especially, to work within the Product Strategy and Development areas because every day I get a chance to become passionate about what I do and, consequently, to do my best.

Italo enabled to you to...

Italo enabled me to grow a lot from a professional point of view: I made a great qualitative improvement, even within the same company. I got to meet excellent professionals, some have left, others still work at Italo or have joined after I did. Each of them has left me or continues to give me something positive for my profession.

My first role at Italo, in management support, gave me a chance to build my professionalism and to be able to develop it, starting from attention to detail, needed to ensure proper operation of an operational facility such as a station, a crew facility, etc.; I like to think that my professional growth went hand in hand with the development and consolidation of an entirely new business, as is Italo. It was a start up for me, too, leading to my current position within the Product Strategy and Development area.

Can you tell us about yourself, outside of Italo?

Outside of Italo I am a deeply inquiring person and I really like sports, which I have done since I was very small.

For the past two years I have been teaching a Muay Thai course (Thai boxing), a discipline that I got into many years ago and in which, in 2009, I won the Italian third series championships in the very strong team of Diego Calzolari's Milanese camp (training field), DE GYM 2.0.

In addition to getting kicked in my face I like to read and am passionate about cinema, music and theatre… ballets make me fall asleep (it actually happened during the show "Diamonds" staged at the Teatro alla Scala in Milano).

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