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Interview with Vera

Vera, what's your job at Italo?

I am in charge of Quality and Regulations, and I also develop on-board procedures. Our range of activities is very broad. It goes from the services offered on-board the train (welcoming passengers, delivering daily newspapers, offering drinks and snacks) to on-board announcements. All this has fascinated me since I began this new adventure because I have the opportunity to help colleagues on board the train and improve the services we offer our travellers, and this gives me a special satisfaction. I call it special because that's where I started and I can deeply understand what it mean to satisfy passengers. I started working with Italo as a Train Manager (the old conductor) in July 2011 and after a year I became a Tutor. A Tutor is a sort of "ferryman" between the crew and the company. He is the spokesman of the staff's needs and in the meantime trains it. Actually, I also held some in-classroom training days (commercial and service-oriented) to help our young employees understand the changes as they took place.

Having already spoken of your training, can you tell us how you experienced the selection period?

I attended the selections in Roma, and went there by train. I come from a small village in the province of Brescia, with just 800 inhabitants. I left it when I was 20, to become an airline stewardess. Just think, that was the first time I took an airplane, in a uniform, I had never flown before. After 10 years at that job I found out about Italo, so I applied for the selection tests. I liked the idea of being able to be a part of a company that was about to start operations just then, so I could contribute from the very beginning. I must admit that the selections were demanding, there were lots of very capable people, including many graduates. Unfortunately I did not complete my studies because I started to work. However, I succeeded as I had planned, I passed the selections stage and from the start I was impressed by the company's professionalism.

Tell us what it's like to work at Italo. What do you like about your job?

Helping others. I can improve operational processes, and streamline the work on-board. Every day we face different issues, we never get bored. I live it as if we were a continuous start up, things change every day. I face this as a constant challenge, I like change and am willing, so I give it my all. The most important thing is that this company doesn't make you feel like a number: you know that you are a part of something important.

At this point, let us ask an open question: Italo enabled you to…

It has made me more aware of my capabilities, I believe in myself more. This is the feeling I have had since my first days at the company, right after obtaining my Train Manager certification. It was a challenging period, and it lasted 6 months, but in the end it really gave me a lot of satisfaction! The exam went very well and I was delighted. I met some fantastic people during the training period, and in particular Marco Borelli. I thank him. He was a point of reference to me, and my guide. Today, I say that the most important thing in work is to set a good example and I had one in Marco. Besides, from 2011 to today I have acquired many skills, and I have learned a lot. I have also grown professionally, the last step in this process was my move to our headquarters, and for me that has been a great investment.

Can you tell us about Vera, outside of Italo?

I am messy, not procedural as I am when I work. Besides giving me a job Italo also gave me a family. In fact I met my husband here. Today I am also a mother, I have a one and a half year old son named Adriano. So currently, when I'm not working, I'm a full-time mother. I admit that this is not as easy as it may seem, I am better at managing my working life than being a mother!

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