The excellence of Italo’s offer is total aboard our trains. Maximum comfort in the Club Executive ambience thanks to the wide armchairs leather, personal at-seat service and high quality products: croissants for breakfast and gourmet sandwiches for a light lunch or a tasty aperitif-dinner “apericena” offered by Vyta Santa Margherita. Access to the Italo Live portal thanks to 9” touch screens installed in the armrests of the seats, to access over 130 movies, web series, real-time information and an exclusive music selection. Also available in Club are the main newspapers and the most beautiful trend magazines. The quality of Italo's services also stands out in the Prima ambience, as it offers snacks, drinks, newspapers and free Wi-Fi service, as in all of Italo’s other ambiences. In the Smart ambience passengers can book a place in the special theatre-coach to watch the films on the monthly schedule. Vending machines are located in coaches 3 and 7, available to all the ambiences of the train, and offer snacks, hot and cold drinks. Our staff on board takes pride in always being helpful and courteous, ready to satisfy the needs of our passengers in a professional and careful manner and in the cleanliness and proper operation of all ambiences of the train.

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