Italo has always put environmental sustainability at the heart of our business model, as demonstrated by the excellent energy and emission reduction performance we have achieved over the years. The Company has adopted an Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Protection Management System (hereinafter the “Management System”), which has been defined, implemented and continuously improved in accordance with the voluntary international UNI ISO 14001 and UNI ISO 45001 standards regarding environmental and health and safety management. 
Thanks to this system, Italo strives to achieve three main corporate objectives related to the environment, health and safety: 

  • ensure an unspoiled environmental heritage for future generations by saving resources and preventing pollution; 
  • achieve and demonstrate a good level of environmental performance by keeping Italo’s operational impacts on the environment under control and consistently adhering to Company policy; 
  • ensure constantly improved levels of occupational health and safety protection for the Company’s employees and external workers, with a focus on the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases

Since 2014, the Ministry for Economic Development (renamed in October 2022 as the Ministry for Business and Made in Italy) in collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment (renamed in October 2022 as the Ministry for the Environment and Energy Security) has admitted Italo’s fleet to an energy efficiency incentive program that awards Energy Efficiency Certificates, also known as white certificates. The policy adopted by Italo in opting for AGV trains was also followed by the acquisition of the EVO fleet, the most sustainable product currently available on the market, which has also been admitted to the energy-saving incentive scheme

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