Waste Management

To cope with environmental and administrative legislative requirements, Italo has acquired multi-level management software. This tool enables monitoring of waste production, compliance with temporary storage schedules and all the obligations related to the registration of forms and the preparation of the annual environmental statement (MUD - Single model for reporting waste produced and/or managed by economic activities). By using the tool, all types of waste produced were exclusively categorized in accordance with the European Waste Catalogue. Each waste item is then described in terms of these four aspects: waste category, waste description, EER code and collection method.

The entire waste chain is managed in accordance with Legislative Decree 152/06 and subsequent amendments, thereby ensuring transparency in all the collection, storage, disposal and recovery phases. Aware of the fact that the Company manages a significant waste stream (in terms of quantity and type), Italo has defined an environmental strategy aimed at prevention of waste production and appropriate treatment, whilst encouraging recovery and circular economy protocols.

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