Training and Careers

Training in Italo

Human resources are strategically relevant assets for the success of Italo. This importance calls for continuous care, especially in terms of training throughout the working life of our people. Italo invests continuously on the training of its staff to develop and maintain high company quality standards.

Technical training

Created mainly to give a technical, legal, safety and service training to operational staff working in the train world. It is aimed at Train Managers, Hostesses & Stewards, Plant Operators and Drivers. This training follows a continuously evolving legal/regulatory sector and is given both at the beginning (to achieve the licences required) and on a recurrent basis to guarantee all technical and sales skills are always up to date. The training path is managed by internal instructors recognised by ANSFISA (the Italian Agency for the safety of railways and road and highway infrastructures). Training can vary depending on one’s position: from at least one month for the people working on the trains for matters such as hospitality to a maximum of 1.5 years for those strongly involved with safety matters and to achieve licences.

Managerial and behavioural training

Aimed at all workers to develop management and soft skills. It is focused on transversal skills rather than on purely technical ones with bespoken training paths with variable contents and length depending on one’s needs. Indeed, this kind of training does not foresee standard formats, but rather specific tailor-made ones. The final target is professional growth and development, based not only on technical knowhow, but also on soft skills that have an important role in completing one’s professional profile.

Training on hospitality culture

Italo has always been focused on its overall relationship with passengers as confirmed by the training given to all workers, especially to operational staff. From basic courses to recurrent ones made every six months or every year to the different operational staff, this type of training is focused on customer culture, relationship with others and communications.

Compulsory and legal training

Italo is continuosly committed to training in order to keep its staff always up to date in terms of Safety, Cyber Security, Privacy and on the 231 form (Italian surveillance model). Each department is responsible for the design and implementation of training and, together with Human Resources, to supply all the information necessary to comply with all training duties. Moreover, Italo, always focused on social and green economy issues, is very active even on wider ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) matters, in order to create a real culture in terms of sustainable development, diversity and inclusion.


Italo is a young and innovative company in which everyone’s energy and enthusiasm make ideas and projects become true and implemented.

It is a company that is not only able to attract talented resources, but also to make them grow and express themselves at their best in their favourite environment and role throughout their professional and personal life. All this thanks to an important welfare policy focused on bringing value to the wellbeing of people and the balance between personal and professional life, but also thanks to the continuous possibility of job rotation.

Italo is the demonstration that dreams and ideas can become true. After the end of the monopoly in the railway transportation in Italy, the company has demonstrated that its workers can show their ideas and contribute to innovation and that everyone can make their dreams come true by choosing their career. Italo gives everyone the possibility to choose what to become. Indeed, one of our main characteristics is to give many opportunities for a horizontal and vertical growth thanks to which every worker can put himself/herself to the test and face new challenges to achieve a continuous personal and professional development. By issuing regular trainings, not only technical training, but also and especially training dedicated to soft skills, the company is aware that looking for the best company talents and allowing them to grow is a winning choice.

Career paths:

  • Driving personnel
    Not only those working as plant operators, but also train and station hostesses and stewards and train managers can become drivers thanks to internal job postings to drive high-speed trains. 27 resources started this career in the last three years.
  • Accompanying staff
    Many people often show interest to becoming a train or station hostess/steward and then become a train manager taking on all safety responsibilities for the train, crew and passengers. 105 resources passed internal recruiting processes between 2020 and 2022.
  • Instructors
    Vertical growth offers many options: Train managers and drivers can also become accompanying instructors or driving instructors to train and prepare new technical staff to their mission and become a reference person for all colleague drivers and train managers. Two of our train managers took this opportunity and became accompanying instructors in the last three years.
  • Stations
    Station hostesses and stewards can become Station Managers and coordinate all the station staff. Last year 3 colleagues decided to take on this career opportunity
  • Coordination staff
    All on board and station staff as well as plant operators can apply to our job postings for coordination positions inside the operations room. In the last three years, 12 out of 36 resources passed their training and changed their tasks entering into the operations room.
  • Staff personnel
    Operations personnel have many opportunities to become staff personnel. Indeed, there are many work opportunities in many departments. 23 former operational staff members entered into the company staff in the last three years.


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