A: Sure, you can send your CV in the “Unsolicited Application” section
A: Yes, e.g. Erasmus programme, training programme or placement, etc.
A: Yes. Your profile could be in line with some Junior profile research
A: Definitely yes. There is a compulsory percentage of jobs the company must dedicate to workers belonging to protected categories, depending on the number of employees.
A: Art. 1 Protected Categories are:
  • Disabled with a civil disability above 45%
  • Disabled workers with a disability over 33%
  • Visually impaired and deaf-mute
  • War disabled, civil war disabled and service disabled 
Art. 18 Protected Categories are: 
  • Orphans and widows/widowers of work, war or orderly victims;
  • Spouse and children of war, orderly or work disabled;
  • Orphans and spouses of victims of terrorism and criminal organisation (Law n. 407/1998).
A: After you have sent your application, your CV and any possible attachment will be inserted into Italo’s database for 18 months. Italo will assess all applications in line with the required profiles.
A: Both in case of a face-to-face or online assessment, the key is always the same: your preparation. Before meeting a recruiter or a future responsible, we always suggest to study the company, its history, values and targets. Carry out researches and remember the goal of the meeting is to get to know each other. Try to make your presentation clear and brief, but also highlight your best skills for the position you wish to have. You can even start thinking about questions you may wish to ask about the company, your position or team.
A: In order to have the best possible online interview, choose a quiet place without any background noise. Make sure your internet connection is stable and that both your microphone and webcam work well. To have the best view, you should connect via PC/ laptop. If there are any technical tests, prepare before some paper and pen, not to waste any time looking for them after.
A: Yes, you will have feedback regardless of the outcome
A: Sure. Requirements may change and people can achieve new skills.


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