The target of Italo’s welfare is to COMPLY WITH the principles of Environment Social Governance, REINFORCE the company’s brand reputation and sense of belonging, CREATE an important value increase for all stakeholders.

All actions foreseen in Values: Fundraising, Faith & Inclusion, Health & Safety show how the welfare plan represents – and at the same time is influenced by – our way of being and making business. This target involves every company level so that everyone can feel they are part of a spirit that has a POSITIVE IMPACT on all people and their families and on the society.


Insurance package

When employed, all workers receive an insurance package that foresees coverage for:

  • Professional and extra-professional injuries
  • Life Bonus
  • Long Term Care
  • Covid coverage
  • Reimbursement of medical expenses


BLSD course for workers and family members


All workers receive first aid training, training on the use of a defibrillator and techniques of disengagement for babies and adults.
Specific courses for the training of the workers’ family members are also organised.


Carol, your digital doctor


All workers and their families are entitled to a free service that allows them to have: a trusted doctor available 24/7 and that can be contacted on demand to:

  • Ask for consultation on urgent and/or general issues
  • Ask for prescriptions of medical tests and drugs
  • Purchase drugs to be delivered at home


Wellfood Face to face with the psychologist


All workers and their families are entitled to have a PEOPLE CARE service aimed at improving personal and professional wellbeing with the help of a team of psychologists to manage a series of individual visits.

The service foresees for free:

  • 4 visits for private life wellbeing
  • 6 visits for post-traumatic stress


Bando Conciliamo - Department of Family Policies


Italo has won the Bando Conciliamo award sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Family to combine personal life and work.

The actions implemented are linked to the following areas: support for parenthood, balanced workloads, wellbeing and support to caregivers, e.g.

  • Birth bonuses to all workers who have had a child in the year
  • Reimbursement of summer centres and nursery tuition fees
  • Reimbursement of public transport passes
  • Extra permits to support parents and help weaker family members.
  • Permits for endometriosis cases
  • Voluntary work


Welfare and Flexible Benefits Platform


A dedicated platform where one can use their welfare credits to buy goods and services for:

  • Family and Studies: Reimbursement of costs for bills, expenses dedicated to underage children, tuition, elderly or disabled people.
  • Health and Wellbeing: Physical Wellness: Virgin Active, Fit Prime, Fit and Go
  • Free time: Travels, hotels, plane tickets
  • Savings: purchase of Amazon cards or other gift cards
  • Supplementary pension


Family services

All workers are entitled to Italopass, a card that allows one to travel on all Italo trains free of charge.
Italopass can be extended to all the worker’s family members.


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