Sustainable Finance

In 2019, the Company obtained what was the largest ever Green Loan in the global transport sector: a Eur 1.1 billion loan marking an unprecedented turning point in green financing for the sector. The loan was used to re-finance Italo’s €900 million green investments and to further expand the eco-friendly fleet.

In 2020, to make its commitment to sustainable finance even more solid, the company also linked the cost of the loan to the achievement of sustainability targets, which are measured periodically. The financing thus qualified as 'green' and 'sustainable'.

In July 2023, the company again resorted to green finance instruments, signing a new Eur 1.4 billion 'green' loan. These resources refinanced Italo's green investments and will be used to further expand the eco-friendly fleet.

Italo is a transport operator that uses a fleet of best-in-class eco-friendly trains and a leader in environmental sustainability in the high-speed rail market, obtaining from Sustainalytics the classification of 'pure player', a title that identifies a company whose revenues are generated entirely by activities that involve a low level of CO2 emissions and is therefore able to combat climate change.

Italo's ESG strategies are defined and promoted by the ESG Steering Committee. Environmental, social and governance considerations direct resources to sustainable projects, putting green and sustainable finance at the heart of corporate and investment decisions.

Italo's financial expertise travels on solid tracks.

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