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In November 2021, Italo left its offices of Viale del Policlinico to move to the new and restructured office of Via Casilina 1.

This great building was built in 1967 to host one of the offices of the Italian Ministry of Treasure. Its north-west side overlooks the evocative piazza di Porta Maggiore and has steel terracotta coloured pillars covered with mirror panels.
The design of the new Italo interiors was made in line with the principles of sustainability, operability and dynamics. The designs combine technological solutions to guarantee the possibility to have digital connections, remote connections and live presentations in every room through perfectly harmonised furniture with simple and different geometric shapes. The design was associated with the study of natural environments and the positive effects these have on individual productivity through the presence of normal and vertical plants studied for Italo’s offices.
The Operations Room, the heart of the building has been designed to be visible, transparent and suitable for both routine and extraordinary activities. It has an operations area designed to guarantee a good visibility of the videowall from all positions and ergonomic seats as well as a relax area with tables and a digital board for short briefings.




The design of the Hall is based on the will to emphasize in the same place the company vision and mission by showing the new Italo offices as sustainable, digital, elegant and bespoke.
The Italo model is like a train running in the space and in a frame made by a vertical garden nourished by fertigation and phytoremediation.
The lighting is formed by two spotlights and two led stripes heading towards the back wall to give the feeling of train energy, speed and rails.



Sede 2


The office has 9 meeting rooms of different sizes distributed on the different floors.
The ground floor hosts 3 flexible training rooms that can be easily adapted to the type of training required and that can host up to 60 people thanks to their movable walls. The food court is located on the ground floor and is divided into 3 areas:
Informal meeting for brief and informal meetings
Relax area designed to host even families with furniture suitable for every age and a gaming table that can become a dinner or meeting table.
Break area formed by elements that can be assembled with one another.


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