Corporate Governance

Guidelines for the management of reports

Italo protects the values set out in its Code of Ethics, identified mainly as correctness in internal and external relationships, as transparency in respect of all the stakeholders and as accountability toward the community. The Company pays particular attention to the respect of laws, rules and regulations and considers this commitment a primary condition for belonging to the Company.

In this context, Italo makes available to all those who in any way have relations with the company, suitable channels to report violations of the Code of Ethics, of laws, rules and regulations.

The objective of the Guideline is to set up information channels suitable to ensure the reception, analysis and processing of reports of violations of the Code of Ethics, issues that affect the internal control system, corporate information, administrative liability of the Company, fraud or other matters (e.g. stalking, theft, etc.), sent by employees (including top managers), by members of the corporate bodies or third parties, even confidentially or anonymously.

In order to make it easier to send reports, Italo has set up as a communication channel the email address which is accessible from the company's intranet site and from its website. Alternatively messages can be sent to the mailing address: Italo Viale del Policlinico 149/ b - 00161 Roma, Attn. Internal Auditing and Risk Management Office.

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