About Us

Italo is Italy’s first private high speed rail operator, and the first operator in the world to use Alstom’s new AGV train, holder of the world speed record for wheeled rail vehicles. Italo’s current train fleet is made up of 25 latest-generation AGV 575 trains that can run at very high speed, up to 360 km/h and 26 new Italo EVO.

In May 2023 Italo acquired Itabus, creating a multimodal group capable of offering a truly integrated mobility service with 100 latest-generation MAN buses to connect Italy

51 trains (25 AGV - 26 EVO)
100 MAN buses 
118 trips per day

Italo offers journeys that are rich in entertainment experiences and that provide tailored services, with maximum comfort, designed for the needs of all kinds of travellers. Italo offers 4 journey ambiences: Smart offers great quality at affordable prices. Comfort is the perfect mix between the affordability of Smart and the comfort of Prima. Prima is designed for passengers who seek the utmost comfort and first-rate, attentive service. Then there is Club Executive: our exclusive journey ambience for the most demanding passengers. On the trains, served by free Wi-Fi Internet connection throughout, passengers can access the Italo Live on-board portal, to enjoy its varied entertainment content such as complementary films, newspapers, music, digital books, and much more. The entertainment continues in the Cinema coach that each month offers a different schedule with a selection of the best films from Medusa.

The Itabus fleet also offers a top quality service in the road sector: double-decker buses (74 seats each) with 2 travel classes (Comfort+ and Top), all equipped with free 4/5G wi-fi, toilets and vending machines for snacks and drinks.


Thanks to the Italo - Itabus integration, a group capable of developing an efficient integrated mobility service has been created, which will increase coverage of the entire national territory, including the south. Sicilia, Puglia, Campania and Calabria are the first regions to start becoming the model for this interconnection and its benefits for travellers: one ticket with one click!

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