Sixth Sustainability Report

Italo presents the Sustainability Report 2022, which reports the commitments and results achieved in the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) area in line with the company's objectives and values.
For Italo, the environmental pillar (E) is based on the need to favour production processes that are less energy-intensive and have a lower impact on the environment, while the social pillar (S) focuses on labour relations, inclusion and the wellbeing of the community. Processes supported by corporate governance (G) that ensure that human rights and the sustainability of the value chain are always respected.


Fifth Sustainability Report

Italo is very proud to publish 2021 Sustainability Report. Despite the difficulties and uncertainties in 2021 Italo continued to act and invest in key sustainability initiatives including funding grants for scientific research, green recycling projects, analyzing Scope 3 GHG emissions, prioritizing the safety and training for employees.


Fourth Sustainability Report

Italo is proud to publish 2020 Sustainability Report aligned to GRI standards, which presents performance over the last year. Despite the difficult circumstances of 2020, Italo refreshed its sustainability strategy, aiming to lead the way in sector.
The strategy is aligned around 6 key pillars, with 12 clear goals and targets for the next 3 years, and concrete actions and KPIs to monitor progress. Moreover, Italo highlighted its commitment to sustainability linking each delivery of the plan to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Third Sustainability Report

Third Italo's sustainability report is aligned to GRI standards for the first time, providing higher standards of disclosure to all  Stakeholders and comparable with other major players in the sector nationally and internationally : safety, hospitality, quality and sustainability has continued to shape Italo's  business strategy . 
The report contains what Italo has done and represents a source of pride for the company but above all drive to do better.


Second Sustainability Report

Italo publishes its 2019 Sustainability Report. Last year the company published its first report; this report highlights the company’s commitment to sustainability. The target is to achieve the goals established by Top Management for five of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals within 2030, namely climate, gender equality, sustainable cities and communities, economic growth and work, innovation and infrastructures. The document shows what Italo has done this year and gives a broad overview on what needs to be done in the future.
Many of the goals established by Italo last year have been reached. It is time now for other goals -  in line with the company’s sustainability mission - e.g. the roadmap to become a plastic free company, implement waste sorting in the company premises, adopt innovative work life balance methods – for the different needs of each person during his/her professional and non-professional life – and introduce new training tools for employees – both in class and online, to broaden skills and improve the awareness of one’s role.


First Sustainability Report

Italo shows its first corporate sustainability report entitled Sustainability. Summary Document, telling what the company has done during the years on environment, safety, technology, people, governance, territory and community.
The document  starts from the results achieved by the company and then illustrates Italo's future goals, one of which is to reach five of the Sustainable Development Goals launched by the ONU with Agenda 2030.
The report contains what Italo has done for the community over the years, it represents a source of pride for the company but above all a new starting point.


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