Health & Safety

Safety is Italo’s top priority, and we are committed to putting the safety of people - both passengers and staff - first.
The continuous improvement of rail traffic safety performance is achieved through the adoption of a Safety Management System (SMS), set up in compliance with the requirements of Directive (EU) 798/2016 and Legislative Decree 50/2019, and in accordance with the requirements laid down by Regulation (EU) 762/2018, taking into account all applicable national and international requirements, organized in accordance with the PDCA scheme: Plan - Do - Check - Act. Implementation and updating of the Safety Management System, enabling the Company to retain its Safety Certificate, a document necessary to be able to operate trains, is the responsibility of the Safety Management System Manager (Health and Safety Director), who has a specific qualification granted by the National Agency for Railway, Road Infrastructure and Motorway Safety (ANSFISA). The Agency also constantly supervises the Company’s activities via specific checks and inspections, including onboard trains.
On the rail traffic safety front, Italo also took part as a partner in the survey conducted by the European Union Agency for Railways (ERA), which measured the perception of safety among railway operators, and shared the results of the survey and the actions introduced on the basis of its findings at European level.
Italo is the first company in the world to install HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters on trains.
Before introducing the HEPA filters, which are the same as those found on aircraft, the Company collaborated with experts in the rail and health sectors, such as the Polytechnic University of Milan and the IRCSS Ospedale San Raffaele research hospital. The HEPA filters turned out to be the most innovative solution for improving air circulation on board trains, including benefits such as reduced presence of particulate matter and aerosols thanks to their composition of multi-layered microfiber sheets, which form a highly effective barrier against all agents, not just the SARS-CoV-2 virus, but also any type of airborne virus or influenza. Therefore, Italo has become best-in-class for safety conditions on trains. HEPA filters ensure continuous and complete air circulation throughout the carriages: filtered air is supplemented with air drawn in from outside, resulting in a fully regenerated flow every three minutes. Moreover, vertical airflows prevent the dispersion of any particles. This all takes place in an environment that is much larger than an aircraft cabin, with 20 per cent more space between seats and up to twice the volume of air available per passenger. This makes it easier to meet transport demand, by increasing train capacity and ensuring utmost safety for passengers and staff at all times
Italo has voluntarily adopted an Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Protection Management System (the so-called Management System), which complies with the voluntary international UNI ISO 14001 and UNI ISO 45001 standards regarding the environment and occupational health and safety management.
In terms of responsibility, Italo has adopted a multi-employer model by identifying the managers, in accordance to Article 2(1)(B) of Legislative Decree No. 81/08, of the three production units (general management/operations management/ commercial management) as employers, with the power to delegate and sub-delegate the functions conferred in compliance with the parameters of the above Decree, to persons meeting all the requirements of professionalism and experience required by law. The role of Prevention and Protection Service Manager has also been created, with responsibilities regarding dissemination of the Management System at the Company and ensuring that staff are aware of and comply with it
Italo has adopted a quality control system to gauge our service levels, with the involvement of customers and employees, via:
  • customer satisfaction surveys;
  • on-board mentoring and education programs to support train staff;
  • auditing programs for internal checks;
  • reporting.
In addition to an efficient customer care service, Italo has designed a specific activity to monitor the quality perceived by 
on board trains, via a customer satisfaction survey aimed at monitoring and checking the quality provided.
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