NTV: Antitrust accepts company commitments

NTV: Antitrust accepts company commitments

Rome, 10 October 2017. The Italian Competition Authority has decided to close the investigation stating there was no infringement by NTV and accepting the company’s commitments linked to the aforementioned investigation opened last November in order to verify the possible application of the rules of incorrect trade and some aspects regarding NTV’s pre- and post-sale services. The Authority believes that the proposed measures will undoubtedly bring benefit to consumers and represent a greater commitment to information transparency in order to guarantee awareness in the selection of alternative sale channels and payment assistance as a free option for consumers.

In particular, NTV shall guarantee to the advantage of all consumers:

a) complete and transparent information on the company website for what concerns all contact channels – whether free or not – available for the purchase of tickets and pre- or post-sale assistance services;

b) a further free channel for complaints – via online form present on the company website – inclusive of relevant system to verify the state of the claim - to be dealt with within thirty days - as foreseen by the law currently into force;

c) automatic forwarding of an email at the end of a trip to all travellers experiencing a delay stating the possibility to apply for a reimbursement, indicating the amount due and how one can receive this amount;

In addition, NTV will allow access to its telephone services free of any extra charges to all disabled customers and/or customers with reduced mobility.

NTV was assisted by NCTM through its lawyers Sante Ricci and Luca Toffoletti.





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