Italo and Marevivo

Italo and Marevivo

Marevivo’s campaign “Adopt a beach” is now in its second year. The campaign was launched by the Association to promote activities to clean, check and improve dozens of beach sites around Italy, from Liguria to Sardinia, from Friuli Venezia Giulia to Sicily. The beach is where the land meets the sea, the border between two extraordinary natural environments, real shrines of biodiversity, threatened every day by mankind. Thus, “Adopt a beach” aims at contrasting the dangerous repercussions of human activities on this fragile natural environment, which unfortunately we consider only in summertime and as an optional to the sea.


Italo could not miss this opportunity, thus has decided to support the campaign that after one year from its launch has already collected over 15 tons of waste from the adopted beaches. «Beaches are among the worst kept habitats, not only at national but also at European level. The main threats come from human activities, such as pollution, overbuilding on coasts and irresponsible tourism.» states Raffaella Giugni, Marevivo’s Head of Institutional Relations. «When we think about the beach, we seldom realise it is a complex ecosystem full of biodiversity, hosting hundreds of types of animals and plants. That is why we are so committed to this campaign that wants to actively involve people and make them consider the beach not just like something to take advantage of during the summer months, but also as a precious environments to preserve all year round.»


A year after its launch, the campaign has involved over 2000 volunteers from Marevivo’s Delegations and hundreds of young people from all over Italy to regularly clean up 20 Italian beaches. Billboards have been installed to make citizens and tourists aware of the natural and ecological value of the “adopted” beaches and teach them to respect the sea as well as free Loggerhead sea turtles cured in the recovery centres.

Anyone can choose directly on Marevivo’s website the beach they want to “adopt”. Choose one you are close to or even one far away, though particularly important in terms of biodiversity. Thanks to your donations, it will be possible not only to carry on with the current activities, but also add-on some other interesting ones, which will be taken in the next few weeks.

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