Italo for Culture

Italo for Culture

Besides reaching all of Italy's main cities of art, Italo actively supports initiatives aimed at preserving and enhancing Italy's art heritage.

Art and Culture are perhaps the most suitable tools to create economic value and at the same time, cohesion among people with cultural backgrounds that are very different from one another, operating transversally between economic and social sustainability. On the one hand, Italo Cultura's initiatives are based on, the protection and enhancement of the cultural heritage and, on the other hand, the creation of partnerships and synergies with museums, exhibitions and musical events.

In October 2016, a partnership started with LoveItaly, a not-for-profit association focused on protecting, promoting and enhancing the Italian cultural heritage, to promote the restoration of Cubiculum number 3 of the Domus of the Centaur. The cubiculum in question is the most important example in Pompeii of a bedroom of the 2nd century B.C.: its "golden century".

Italo has brought its passengers to visit a broad range of events: "Janello Torriani - Genius of the Renaissance" at Cremona, "Tale of a People of Statues” at Matera, “Christo and Jeanne-Claude.  Water Projects” at Brescia, “Orlando Furioso. 500 years | What Ariosto saw when he closed his eyes" at Ferrara, the Venezia Film Festival (40% discount for return tickets), at the 35th edition of Mantova Jazz, at the Ferrara in Jazz and the exhibition of Carlo Bononi at the "Palazzo dei Diamanti."

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