Italo and ActionAid

A trip into female empowerment and women’s rights. Italo and ActionAid have decided to go on a 12-month trip to spread out a culture of change linked to female empowerment and women’s rights. 

Starting this trip to discover how many methods there are to contrast physical, psychological and economic violence means for Italo to tell its company community and all its stakeholders that, if we want to change and eliminate stereotypes, everyone has to do their part. The trip will start on 8 March, Women’s International Day, at 14.00 when Italo and ActionAid will announce on a digital talk their mutual commitment towards women.

The two companies will describe the different stages of a path that Italo and ActionAid have decided to begin in order to give to their company community and clients all tools required to make them understand how to reduce gender inequality, achieve female empowerment and fight against all kind of violence.

There will be many voices in order to have different points of view and direct evidence. ActionAid and Italo will give a picture of the moment women are experiencing in Italy, focusing in particular on the great impact the pandemic is having on them.



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