Dogs travel for free by Italo and Amici Cucciolotti

Italo loves all 4-legged friends. That is why next summer - in order to contrast abandonment and simplify the journey of our travellers - Italo has decided - in collaboration with Amici Cucciolotti, Pizzardi Editore’s trading cards – to give free tickets for large dogs – i.e. weighing over 10 kg. indeed, next July and August – thanks to the partnership with Amici Cucciolotti – travelling with your pet will be free-of-charge and much more comfortable thanks to the cute kit you will receive. Data on abandoned pets are alarming: it has been estimated that over 80,000 cats and 50,000 dogs are abandoned in Italy every year with peaks in the summer season registering a 25-30% increase. This because of the issue of pets when leaving for our holidays. That is why Italo has decided to fight against this phenomenon and its increase in the summer period by making its trains available to pets and starting an awareness campaign. Booking your free ticket for large pets is easy: just call 06.07.08, the Contact Center “Pronto Italo”, and when purchasing your ticket, linked to the Flex offer you will receive your free pet ticket, depending on availability, for Prima, Comfort or Smart departments. Moreover, all other pets, small dogs and cats are always welcome on Italo trains and can travel free in their carriers – not valid for guide dogs that travel freely. To support this project one needs great passion, sensitivity and social care as well as a great love and respect for nature and animals, all qualities that have always distinguished Italo and Amici Cucciolotti’s choices.

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