Italo & Amici Cucciolotti

Italo is very enthusiastic of its collaboration in the “AMICI CUCCIOLOTTI 2018 project – The trading cards that save animals”. This collection by Pizzardi Editore helps to donate 10 million bowls of food to animals kept in the shelters Italian Animal Protection Organisation . Italo is proud to give its trains and Lounges to support this project. During the Easter holidays, the “Amici Cucciolotti” album will be distributed free of charge to all children in order to spread out the message behind the cards, i.e. make children grow up and have fun so that tomorrow’s adults will be more aware, responsible and respectful towards nature, animals and others. While looking at the album, the young readers can enjoy collecting the cards and discover all those words that make our world better - Friendship, Loyalty, Solidarity – as well as those that we should erase – such as Bullying, Deforestation and Extinction. A different way to learn the meaning of those words that have the power to change one’s life. Italo will help “Amici Cucciolotti” to promote not only respect for animals – as indicated in UNESCO’s Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare – but also defence and protection of the environment. In fact, “Amici Cucciolotti” products use only certified recycled paper or paper coming from forests managed responsibly and from controlled sources, a “green choice” also fully shared by Italo.

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