De Nittis and the revolution of seeing

De Nittis and the revolution of seeing

Italo takes its passengers to the exhibition "De Nittis e la rivoluzione dello sguardo" (De Nittis and the revolution of seeing) held in Ferrrara’s Palazzo dei DiamantiItalo passengers will have the chance to see the works exposed at a reduced price [1].

The exhibition - open until 13 April 2020 - focuses on the originality and innovative strive of the artist’s creative career.

De Nittis’s work is linked to innovation and to his ability to observe reality like very few artists can and then transfer everything on the canvas using brave framings, sudden cuts, surprising perspectives and an expert use of both light and atmosphere.



DN 1500x785

[1] Price for passengers with an Italo ticket from/to Ferrara dated max 2 days before/after the date of entrance.

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