The value chain

In selecting our business partners, ethical, social and environmental issues have become increasingly important for the Company.
In order to ensure adequate transparency of procurement processes and guarantee the utmost reliability of strategic supplies, Italo has defined an internal process for selecting and qualifying suppliers. The e-procurement portal that reports on the financial soundness and creditworthiness of suppliers has also been updated; this is an important element for maintaining business continuity, as well as the relevant certifications held by business partners. This information is obtained via an ad hoc survey administered to suppliers during the selection phase, which also requires the disclosure of certifications related to environmental performance, energy efficiency, quality and safety, the health and safety management system, waste management and ethics. Moreover, during the selection phase, and via special contractual clauses, suppliers are required to comply with Italo’s Organisational, Management and Control Model and the Code of Ethics. The contracts also allow Italo to carry out on-site inspections to verify the stated information.
Italo’s ability to adapt our offering to passengers’ needs and our culture of diversity also entails guaranteeing the best possible access to travel for people with disabilities and reduced mobility (PRM).
All Italo trains are built in accordance with the technical specifications for rolling stock interoperability, in compliance with the provisions of Regulation (EC) 1371/2007 and other regulations relating to persons with reduced mobility on the transEuropean conventional and high-speed railway system. Two spaces for wheelchair users are provided on board AGV and EVO trains. The spaces are located next to the toilet for people with disabilities and near the snack area, where vending machines are designed to be easily accessible. In addition to wheelchair spaces, passengers can also choose priority seating. Use of these seats is not restricted, but elderly, disabled, pregnant and injured passengers have priority. All onboard toilets and seats are also equipped with acoustic and braille signage for the visually impaired. The control room monitors the state of the toilets suitable for passengers with reduced mobility on a daily basis. In the event of toilet facilities being unavailable, the coordinators arrange for prompt maintenance work to be carried out. The train conductor is in charge of assisting passengers with reduced mobility during the journey. In case of need and problems (delays, transferring from one train to another, getting on and off the train), the control room will provide assistance. All passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility may book free assistance services during the time slots established by the State Railways operator, in relation to the scheduled departure time of the selected train. Passengers with reduced mobility can contact the Pronto Italo contact center to book assistance services. Within 30 minutes of the request, the back-office operator will contact the customer by phone to confirm the booking.
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