Human Resources Management

Italo boosted its strategy to achieve human capital balance and productivity, partly by leveraging a positive and inclusive organizational and working environment with a view to supporting and encouraging excellent business performance in the long term. Excellent service is a key factor for success, and our staff, who are at the center of our strategy, are one of the main strengths that differentiate the Company

Italo aims to rank as an active and innovative company in the market, concerned for the wellbeing of its staff and eager to grow by hiring people with specific skills who can add value to the organization

Italo aimed to strengthen our talent attraction strategy, via the use of various tools and new initiatives, ranging from employer branding to recruitment marketing, and from candidate experience to the definition of company benefits

The Italo commitment is to retaining talent through an approach based on providing fair pay, a complete benefits package and a positive working environment based on diversity, respect and career development opportunities.

The welfare model is consistent with the values the Company aspires to: sustainability, trust, security and inclusion, and is geared towards these social contexts:

  • social sustainability;
  • service equity, territoriality, proactivity, diversity, inclusion and customization;
  • corporate reputation, employer branding and savings

Supporting the community means not only being a big company but also a big family.

Therefore, Italo takes care of people via activities and initiatives dedicated to the wellbeing and socio-sustainable

development of the community, by supporting various third-sector associations as well as employees in difficult situations.

During the year, fundraising initiatives enabled:

funding €25,000 scholarship for a young AIRC researcher engaged in a research project to fight childhood cancer;
support for the Tetrabondi Association, which aims to ensure the inclusion of children with special needs, by donating two Joëlette Kids all-terrain wheelchairs to them so that families can assess the effectiveness of sport as a means of leveraging real inclusiveness;
support the Telethon Foundation by hosting ‘dialogues’ on its trains, whose task is to make travellers aware of the importance of regularly supporting research into rare genetic diseases, and by promoting research through Italo’s communication channels.
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