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In May 2023 Italo acquired Itabus, creating a multimodal group able to offer a real integrated mobility service with 51 trains and 100 buses connecting Italy.

Since its birth, in fact, Italo has structured its organisational model to meet the needs of its travellers and among the various strategies adopted, intermodality certainly plays an important role: comfort, speed, accessibility and reliability are the principles that have guided Italo's choices and the arrival of Itabus fits into this framework!

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Itabus is the private long-distance road passenger transport company operating since the end of May 2021, which connects Italy, including Sicily, with 100 MAN (Volkswagen Group) buses and, after just two years of operation, despite the restrictions of the pandemic period, has already exceeded 2 million travellers.

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With the birth of Itabus, a quality service has been introduced in the Italian road sector, with state-of-the-art buses equipped with free 4/5G wi-fi, toilets and vending machines for snacks and drinks. Two-storey vehicles (74 seats each) with 2 travel classes (Comfort+ and Top). Both day and night services connect large cities, infrastructure hubs such as airports, stations and ports, as well as small towns and villages with a strong tourist vocation.

Italo and Itabus share and believe in the same values, first and foremost customer care and attention, but also sustainability: Italo has always been a green train par excellence, built with 98% recyclable materials and equipped with HEPA filters for a constant change of air, while Itabus, thanks to its EURO 6D diesel engines (the least polluting on the market) and its collaboration with Eni (the entire fleet is fuelled with Eni diesel+, a premium diesel that reduces CO2 emissions compared to traditional fuels) is best in class in road transport in terms of environmental awareness.

Two realities and two synergic networks that make possible interesting connections between railway stations and airports and ports, developing the urban micro-mobility and integrated mobility network and offering a wide choice to passengers, purchasable from a single multimodal platform and with the convenience of a single ticket.

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Sicilia, Puglia, Campania and Calabria are the first regions to depart, becoming the model for this interconnection and its advantages for travellers. On the website it is possible to purchase, with a single transaction, the final destination of your choice, and in the case of the Sicilian destinations the ship pass is already included in the single ticket. Once you have reached Naples Afragola, Bari and Villa san Giovanni with Italo's high speed train, thanks to Itabus you can easily reach the coast with Pompeii and Sorrento, the Apulian cities of Polignano a Mare , Porto Cesareo , Nardò and Gallipoli or Sicily in Milazzo , Cefalù , Palermo , Giardini Naxos-Taormina , Catania , Enna, Caltanissetta and Agrigento and  Calabria with  Sibari, Cariati, Cirò Marina e Crotone.

Italo's commitment to the safe, convenient and efficient transport of millions of people thus continues, with the aim of guaranteeing the best quality of service also in terms of national territorial capillarity, punctuality, safety and comfort, always placing the passenger at the centre of every decision-making process.

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