Italo recognizes the fundamental importance of working in the most appropriate and correct manner to offer quality products and services, respecting the safety of passengers, workers and rail traffic. Before starting to work at a station or on-board Italo’s trains, we train our staff on measures and procedures to be taken in order to ensure the best safety conditions for our passengers. All of Italo's trains are also equipped with a semi-automatic external defibrillator (AED) to be used in case of emergency; the regional emergency healthcare organisation of Lazio (ARES 118) provided support to properly train staff and prepare the safety procedures needed to properly use the devices.

To ensure that our customers travel serenely, starting in June 2017 Polfer rail police agents are on board some of our trains. Their role is to prevent and assist, at the disposal of passengers and on-board staff. The police officers  wear easily recognisable uniforms and are in constant contact with Italo’s crew members, to coordinate any needed measures with them.

Lastly, Italo’s structural characteristics ensure optimum safety. Passenger protection in the event of impact, is ensured by the sizing criteria of the structure of the body and by energy absorbers that fully satisfy the requirements of European regulations on passive safety.

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