Italo strongly believes in the value of a welcoming attitude and continuously strives to provide quality rail services tailored to satisfy the needs of our customers. For us, welcoming means being courteous and hospitable, and providing information with expertise, style and personality.It is not easy to deliver a service directed to a large audience and at the same time pay careful attention to the specific needs of each traveller. To do so, in addition to selecting young, motivated and people-oriented staff, we spend a lot of our time to constantly innovate and improve the service we offer.Our style of welcoming is our most direct way to transmit the culture and the values that set Italo apart from every other competitor. Travel and welcoming go hand in hand: right from the entrance of the station, Italo’s staff focuses on welcoming customers, and accompanies them throughout their journey. The Station Stewards and Hostesses constantly assist passengers by customising the service on the basis of their travel needs. Lounge Italo Clubs have been set up within the stations, ideal spaces to relax comfortably before departure or to work or read by connecting to Wi-Fi. The On-board Hostesses and Stewards are ready to welcome passengers aboard the trains, in their respective coaches. In addition, in the Prima and Club Executive ambiences we welcome our passengers with a dedicated catering service with espresso coffee and a selection of tasty bakery products, pastries and beverages.The backbone of our mission is to ensure a quality service tailored to meet the needs of our passengers. This is the success factor for the Company and for all its People. Welcoming, for us, is like a heartfelt opening of the door of our home since we wish to build a long-lasting relationship of trust and collaboration with our passengers.

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