Italo Green

Italo is a "green" train that, from the consumption point of view, has always travelled in "Class A". Containing 98% of recyclable materials, Italo trains are equipped with advanced technology that saves energy compared to other trains and significantly reduces CO2 emissions into the atmosphere as compared to other means of transport.

Suffice it to say that the Roma - Milano route involves an emission of 14 kg of CO2 if done by train, and increases up to 66 kg and 94 kg by car and airplane, respectively. 98% of the materials used to make the train are recyclable and its consumption is reduced thanks to its aerodynamic characteristics:

  • A very small frontal area per passenger. The train's long and slender shape minimises the surface exposed to air resistance per passenger. At full load, in fact, its hundreds of passengers are distributed along the entire length of the train.

  • Low weight of the vehicle in relation to each passenger. A large automobile that carries two passengers weighs more, per passenger, than a train which carries 700. The total weight moved per passenger, when the train is fully loaded, is lower than any other means of transport.

Thanks to these characteristics, Italo's trains have many advantages in transporting a large number of passengers in an aerodynamically efficient manner, at constant speed, and with a very low dissipation of energy.

Our trains not only lead to a general reduction of fuel consumption and are more efficient: they also greatly reduce the impact on the environment due to the harmful emissions of fossil fuels.

The Italo Lounges, spaces designed to care for passengers in transit, also comply with the most recent directives on energy consumption and separate waste collection.

Considering the protection and safeguard of the environment a crucial objective to achieve and constantly improve, Italo has undertaken to:

  • calculate the fleet's consumption with increasingly great precision (AVG and Italo EVO) using special measuring equipment installed on-board, and to adopt the measures needed to constantly reduce its consumption;

  • reduce the consumption of water and electricity at the headquarters and at all the other corporate sites;

  • inform customers and stakeholders about the environmental effects of their travel.

The above is an environmental respect policy that Italo always pursues, also at the institutional level, by supporting important initiatives aimed at increasing among employees and passengers the knowledge of proper energy saving practices.

Among the main initiatives which Italo has supported, we shall mention "Italy in Class A", the first Italian national information and training campaign on energy efficiency, promoted by the Ministry of Economic Development and implemented by ENEA (the Italian agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development). The project's main objective is to teach people the importance of energy saving and energy efficiency, promoting a more responsible use of energy in the many areas of daily life.

Italo supports the many initiatives promoted by the campaign with information and promotion actions implemented specifically to involve its passengers in the project and raise awareness for a responsible use of energy.

As Italo's business becomes ever more deeply rooted throughout the area it serves, it is ready to face, in the coming years, the new challenges posed by an increasingly focused attention to environmental sustainability.

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