Italo for Environment

Italo for Environment


Italo was born at a time in which models of sustainable economy have become mandatory to make sure that human activities have a little impact on our ecosystem. Thus, the company had to have a great green soul for all its activities, starting from the choice of the trains.

Indeed, Italo trains, apart from offering a safe and comfortable journey, have been made in line with the best practices in the field of sustainability.

98% of materials used to build Italo trains are recyclable, and their state-of-the-art technology allows us to save more energy compared to our competitors’ trains. This means a great reduction of CO2 emissions compared to other means of transport. Just think that a train trip from Rome to Milan produces 14 kg of CO2 emissions, whilst these emissions reach 66 kg and 94 kg respectively when using a car or the plane.

All this was possible thanks to:

  • ETR675: an accurate sizing study allowed the integration and/or absence of large heavy components as well as optimised spaces on board, where the levels of mass per passenger are 8% lower than in the previous models;
  • AGV575: optimised aerodynamics and a much lower weight (70 tons less), which allows the development of a weight/power ratio 23% higher than that of our competitors’ trains;
  • AGV575 ETR675: electrodynamic regenerative brakes allow a 9% power saving when braking.

Even Italo’s Lounge Clubs – i.e. the spaces dedicated to transit passengers – comply with the most stringent directives on energy consumption and sorted waste collection.



Environmental safety and protection is a must we need to achieve and regularly improve, thus Italo’s commitments are to:

  • monitor power consumption of Italo’s AGV575 and ETR675 fleet through power measurement systems installed on board and to evaluate the measurements in order to minimise consumptions;
  • analyse the impacts and risks linked to climate change in order to minimise the exposure and vulnerability of Italo’s activities;
  • reduce the risk of environmental damages by implementing a monitoring system of all Italo’s activities in all sites;
  • reduce the environmental impact generated by Italo’s employees also by promoting the development of a positive “Sustainability Culture”;
  • implement and improve sorted waste collection on board of all Italo trains and company sites.


Italo’s commitment has been confirmed through the achievement of ISO 14001:2015 certification, which states that Italo has a management system suitable to keep the environmental impact of its activities under control.

Italo’s policy has always focused on respecting the environment also at official level by participating to important initiatives aimed at improving the knowledge of workers and passengers of the correct energy saving practices.

Italo participates in many initiatives through tailor-made information and promotional activities made to involve its passengers in the project and create awareness about conscious energy consumption.

Now a more deep-rooted reality in Italy, Italo is ready to face in the next years the many challenges linked to a greater focus on environmental sustainability.

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