During this delicate moment linked to the Coronavirus emergency, Italo together with Velisti per Caso offers you the opportunity to have fun at home with Bingo for the Enviroment (Tombola per l’Ambiente), an innovative idea that came from a show written and made in Rome last Christmas by Syusy Blady and Patrizio Roversi with the help of Antonio Cianciullo.

A special kind of bingo to help the planet and explain how to improve our lifestyle: little and simple things to do for a greener and more sustainable future.

Every number of this green bingo has a specific and eco-sustainable meaning.

Each number is associated with a video that can be seen directly from the main board of Tombola per l’Ambiente ( These short videos show daily activities that help save energy as well as eco-friendly actions and data/info on environmental sustainability. This is an interactive way to attract the attention of both children and adults, which allows even to share lifestyles that can be useful to all the community.

The board contains 60 numbers: here is where the Italo community steps in! Send your advice to the editorial office of Velisti per Caso ( ). Your tips will help the reporters make new videos and complete the board, thus reach number 90!

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