Italo in CLASS A 2017

Italo in CLASS A 2017

Italo - the Green train that has always travelled in “Class A” – has decided to support once again the information campaign against energy waste, this time by helping diffuse 10 practical rules promoted by ENEA for an effective heating system that associates comfort with cheaper energy bills.

98% of Italo is built using recycled material and a state-of-the-art technology that makes us use less energy compared to other trains and thus heavily reduce CO2 emission. The train is the best example of how technological innovation, energy and environmental sustainability are linked to one another. Lower environmental impacts, reduced road traffic, 15% reduction in energy consumption are just some of Italo’s characteristics.

That is why those who choose to travel with us every day also help to greatly improve the quality of the environment, their quality of life and guarantee themselves a much cheaper energy bill.

Visit the dedicated area on to discover that installing reflective boards between the wall and the heater is a simple but effective trick to reduce heat loss or that placing a piece of furniture too close to your heaters is a mistake or that one degree less makes you save 5 to 10% of fuel.

These are simple rules that do not only allow you to help the environment, but also to save a lot of money!

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