Italo paves the way and started in March – the month dedicated to endometriosis awareness - its first awareness-raising campaign on endometriosis for all its employees.

These awareness-raising initiatives are held every year in order to inform people about endometriosis, a chronic disease that involves 3 million Italian women during their reproductive period and that can have a negative impact on the quality of the working and personal life of young women, risk of hospitalisation, permanent damages and infertility.

Italo has already signed an agreement with different professionals specialised in the many aspects of the disease. The agreement also foresees the possibility to hold an awareness-raising campaign inside the company for its employees.

All initiatives will be coordinated by Dr. Marta Giuliani, Psychologist, psychotherapist and clinical sexologist; Sara Beltrami, activist and founder of the blog Il Predicato Verbale; Dott. Carlo de Cicco, Gynaecologist in the General Hospital of the Bio-Medical University Campus of Rome.

A multidisciplinary approach that will not only give information on endometriosis, simple for all employees to understand in order to make them know the symptoms and make also all colleagues aware of the people facing every day this invalidating disease.


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