Italo and Fondazione Airc 2022

Italo continues to support research. Even this year the company has decided to participate and collect funds for fighting against cancer.

Scientific research, especially in this difficult period, is paramount for the community, thus, Italo also wanted to play its part by actively contributing to the progress and development of the sector. Italo’s help supports Fondazione AIRC to continue its research and discover more effective treatments for oncological patients.

We reached a great goal in 2021 by financing the first year of Giacomo Milletti’s scholarship for the treatment of children’s tumours.

On 27 March 2022, all Italo employees got back together to run in the Rome Marathon, participating to the 27th edition of Run4Rome 2022. 10 teams, 40 runners for a total of 42.195 km ran all together with a great goal for the entire community, the fight against children cancer.



Project Paediatric Hospital Bambin Gesù: Characterization of AMBER1 - cyclin D regulatory axis in embryonic tumours of the nervous system. Results: improvement of the research project through the access to sophisticated and state-of-art techniques that may define a new mechanism for the ontogenesis of tumours.


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