Italo for Social Welfare in Italy

Italo participates and supports the activities of Fondazione Italia Sociale that promotes important initiatives, tools and policies at national level to create a positive social change in Italy.

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Fondazione Italia Sociale is currently promoting 5 initiatives to relaunch the Third Sector: voluntary activities, non-profit associations, social enterprises, philanthropic foundations and other organisations for a lively and steadily growing sector, which could, however, grow even faster if it had more suitable and long-term measures. The quality of a society can only be seen through its investments in social welfare.


Changing the inheritance tax

Modify the current rules on inheritance through a more progressive taxation (from the fourth to the sixth degree of kindred) and by introducing a mechanism to favour donations.

Lotteria Filantropica Italia

An annual collection made by selling hundreds of thousands of tickets aimed exclusively at third sector social projects.

A simple and potentially popular mechanism to incentivise philanthropy without any costs for the government.

A unique fund to finance non-profit organisations

Clearly structured by combining tools for capitalisation, subsidised loans and guaranties.

Favour credit lines for non-profit organisations

It is now time to think again about a specific project to favour credit lines for this sector, e.g. through a dedicated organisation or a collaboration between public and private sectors.

Modify the layout for basic income

By involving social economy organisations, which could receive resources as far as they agree to take care of the beneficiaries, train them and make them perform one of the many tasks required to achieve an effective welfare

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