Italo and the Italian Heart and Resuscitation Association “Lorenzo Greco” NPO

Italo and the Italian Heart and Resuscitation Association “Lorenzo Greco” NPO

Always focused on everyone’s health and safety, Italo has installed over 100 defibrillators on its trains and given the best training to on board staff. Italo supports the Italian Heart and Resuscitation Association Lorenzo Greco, focused on healthcare and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Lorenzo Greco NPO was born to remember the young boy attending the first year of secondary school in Turin whose heart stopped beating on 3 February 2014. He loved very much animals, he enjoyed reading and growing flowers as well as practicing sports, many passions shared with his grandad Mario, who then became Honorary President of the Italian Heart and Resuscitation Association, born in February 2016 and named after him.

The founders’ goal is to bring everywhere the rescue culture and, in particular, to spread the early use of a defibrillator as a life-saving tool. This brought to Piedmont the Children Life Project (Progetto Vita Ragazzi) born in Piacenza (Europe’s most cardio-protected city) in 1998, a training programme aimed at creating awareness to students and teachers on the importance of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and the use of a defibrillator.

Through this Project, children learn how to deal with a heart attack, which gives you only few minutes for survival. Over 35,000 citizens and students of every kind of school and those attending other places such as sport centres are now aware and trained to carry out a simple action that can help them become the responsible adults of tomorrow. Over 600 defibrillators have been donated and installed mainly in schools, sport centres, public areas or given to law enforcement bodies. Some of them have already saved lives. The work of the association also foresees lessons to give information and prevent the risk of cardiovascular diseases through check-ups and heart screening.

Every year, the Association organises the World Heart Day on 29 September as member of the World Heart Federation, bringing together - as in the 2021 edition in Turin, Catania, Rome and Piacenza - many associations and organisations focused on health safety and the promotion of healthy lifestyles.


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