Italo and Telefono Azzurro

The main goal of the campaign is to give voice to children and teens by offering them the opportunity to talk about themselves, explain their needs and difficulties using also new communication channels without the need of adult mediation. Apart from the landline number, it is now possible to contact Telefono Azzurro on its mobile number, via chat, text message or whatsapp.


That is why Italo has decided to spread out the new multichannel services that offer psychological help, counselling, legal and social assistance in difficult situations through its official social channels and Italo’s onboard magazine “I sensi del viaggio”. In this way the 114 Childhood Emergency line, a multilingual line available free of charge 24/7 will be even easier to reach for children and teenagers up to 18 years of age, but also by adults and service operators. This will allow faster interventions to protect children and teenagers in danger.

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