Italo and Italia Sociale Foundation

Italo and Italia Sociale Foundation

IItalo has been a member of Italia Sociale Foundation (Fondazione Italia Sociale) together with many enterprises and non-profit organisations – Italian and multinational companies, universities, banks, cultural and social foundations, publishers, professional studies, international consulting organisations – since 2019. All together, we have welcomed the Foundation’s mission of renewal and development, as we know this can lead to something important for Italy.

Fondazione Italia Sociale is something new in the world of Italian philanthropy, born to collect resources, mainly coming from private companies, for relevant public and social projects. The Foundation was established in 2016 due to a government initiative – i.e. the so-called Italian third sector reform – although it operates as a private enterprise, collaborating with people, companies and civil society organisations.

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The goal of Fondazione Italia Sociale is to support Italian non-profit organisations, as these are the key to achieve a fairer society. Fondazione Italia Sociale favours collaborations between organisations, people and public/private resources and promotes long-time sustainable activities all around Italy. Furthermore, the Foundation supports and carries out study and research activities as well as cultural projects in order to highlight themes with a greater social and civil relevance. The Foundation collects funds for the social projects it supports through fundraising activities made around Italy, e.g. the Italian Lottery and through the philanthropic intermediation of Fondazione Donor Italia. Moreover, the Foundation is part of many relevant governmental boards – such as the so-called Control Room of the third sector (Cabina di Regia del Terzo settore) – through many policies aimed at increasing and optimising resources for activities made by non-profit organisations. Finally, in order to achieve a broad reflection on civic culture issues, Fondazione Italia Sociale has created the beCivic community, which brings together many Italian organisations such as universities, non-profit organisations, enterprises and media. beCivic is a programme that foresees a series of initiatives aimed at rediscovering the importance of the civic function and its role by discussing themes such as civil commitment and the values of social development. Among the many activities, there is the journal Civic Quaderni and the launch of many online initiatives and platforms for different audiences - e.g. university studies, laboratories, e-learning and training modules for young people - the beCivic Calls, areas in which the members of the community can talk about their needs and their civic commitment experiences


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