Italo and Museo del Risparmio

Italo and Museo del Risparmio

Italo supports the project “PROMETTO DI PRENDERMI CURA DI ME”  made by the Museum of Saving: a webinar that will be held on Wednesday 24 June from 14.00 to 15.30.

After a brief institutional session - made to clarify with the help of data the importance of financial education to guarantee economic independence to every woman who would like to make their wishes become true - there will be a training made with the help of a tutor from the Museum of Saving to clarify few basic concepts required to manage a family budget. Then there will be a quiz to allow attendees to verify whether they have understood well all aspects of the course. The seminar will end with a Q&A session. For the first time ever, women of all ages will have the opportunity to test in an enjoyable manner their skills in planning and managing a family budget and learn to take care of their savings, including their wedding expenses. It is renowned that one of the most common forms of violence towards women is actually economic control. Despite our mothers and grandmothers’ great commitment to make women free from patriarchy and affirm their status as women, the new generations still often delegate “the man of the house”, father, husband or partner to take care of the money and sometimes even of their salaries.

Italo has always been sensitive towards these issues, thus its contribution made by giving space to this moment of confrontation and edutainment in order to realise what is going on so that women do not fall into these traps they sometimes place themselves along their path.

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