Reduce digital pollution

Reduce digital pollution


In this particular period, in which social distance is making us use more technology – and especially the internet - Italo has decided to start up an awareness campaign to make its employees reduce digital pollution.

Simple every day actions such as sending an e-mail, navigating on the Internet, using search engines or storing data are really costly for the environment. Just think that, according to a research made by Ademe – the French environment agency – a 1-megabyte e-mail generates about 19 g of CO2 in its lifecycle. This calculation has been made taking into account the power consumption of a pc and the servers that process the e-mail when writing, sending, reading and storing it.

Reducing our carbon footprint is very simple.

How? Just follow a few indications:

  • Empty your bin often;
  • Compress the documents you have to send;
  • Use hyperlinks instead of attachments;
  • Optimise your smartphone by stopping applications running in background;
  • Store files on a hard disk;
  • Set up device suspension mode after a certain amount of minutes;
  • Always shut down the computer and disconnect the power plug.


Italo realises that these few simple actions can really make a difference, thus is has decided to make its employees aware and invites its passengers to carry out the actions described above in order to reduce its carbon footprint and respect the environment. Together we can do a lot for our planet.


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