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Italo continuously invests in training its staff, to develop and maintain high quality corporate standards.

Training is address to all the staff. For resources that work operationally in contact with customers, Italo uses its own technical training school, "Scuola di Formazione Tecnica".

Italo's Technical Training School was founded in 2008 with the primary purpose of training the entire operating staff, from the technical, legal and regulatory points of view.  All within a regulatory context that is continuously changing and in which the Railway Company is the main player in defining the rules and the internal organisation required to ensure daily production in total safety both in normal and degraded conditions. The training courses are managed by internal instructors and last from a month to 2 and a half years.  Completion of the entire training course entitles to a safety certification recognised by Italy's railway safety agency.

As regards customer service, Italo strives to be the leader of excellence and quality. Therefore it is careful to train its staff on topics of hospitality, style and image. Courtesy, service excellence and customer orientation are the key words for the success of our company.  Italo has challenging goals, and therefore regularly holds training courses for its entire staff.



Italo regularly assesses its people's training needs and, depending on their current role and their professional growth outlook, prepares training courses designed to develop their skills. The training projects, closely in line with the our corporate People Strategy are a mix of policies inspired by Italo's values and behavioural skills.

We believe that training is an effective tool for personal and professional growth.

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