Station HS

Station Hostesses and Stewards are the reference people for passengers in Italo Lounges and Ticket Offices. They take care of promoting and selling all services offered by Italo as well as welcoming passengers and assisting them in case of need or difficulty.

The activities:

  • represent the Italo brand and values in their style and behaviour
  • promote Italo offers, support travellers in the booking and selling of products and services
  • give information and support to passengers
  • make sure the station environments (ticket offices and lounges) are neat and tidy, monitor all suppliers’ activities and the correct functioning of all station systems and equipment.
  • establish a trustful relationship with passengers
  • support Station Managers in their operations.


Skills and requirements:

  • Qualification: diploma/degree
  • Experience in the retail, tourism and transport sector
  • Over 2 years of experience in sales is preferred
  • Work experience abroad is preferred 
  • Good knowledge of English (B2)
  • Available to work on shifts and holidays


Soft Skills:

  • Customer and sale oriented
  • Operational problem solving skills
  • Communication skills
  • Flexibility


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