Italo's team

Italo's success is based on its people.

Therefore, Italo has always strived, on the one hand, to optimally manage occupational health and safety, and on the other, to promote the human and professional growth of its employees through classroom training or through a dedicated online portal.

The culture of safety, supported by periodic audits and inspections, to assess its actual application in everyday work, is ensured by systematic training to increase the level of awareness of the dangers and risks that are inherent in railway operations and to provide the tools needed to prevent accidents and manage emergencies.

Italo believes that training is an essential tool for the success of its business, especially to create human and professional value for its employees. Therefore it has created an internal training school that is highly specialised in technical and regulatory matters (Scuola di Formazione Tecnica).

At Italo, training is directed to all employees and has the following specifications and objectives:

  • new hire training
  • training on targeted cross-functional skills
  • training targeted according to career paths and individual development
  • update training to align the knowledge of resources to the development of our business.

Italo makes available to its employees a flexible benefits system to sustain and improve their professional and private life.

Thanks to the 2017 Budget Law approved by the Council of Ministers, the new Company Welfare system involves:

  • Increasing the limit for facilitated taxation or converting production bonuses into Flexible Benefits
  • If production bonuses are converted into in healthcare services or a complementary pension fund, the contributions paid are not counted as part of the employee's income
  • Raising the income limits to qualify for these reductions from € 50,000 per year to € 80,000 per year.

Italo's Company Welfare makes it possible to introduce a set of services that support workers, with tax advantages both for the company and for the employees. Providing tools and services that are completely tax-free promotes not only better quality of life for employees, but also for their families. In particular, the Flexible Benefits provide the possibility for workers to spend their budget on customisable services, thanks to which it will be possible to increase their spending capacity.

Flexible Benefits allow reimbursements for the medical expenses borne by the employee or by the employee's family and provide reimbursements for health assistance or school expenses.

In addition, the Benefits give the employees the opportunity to pay their pension contributions or to buy shopping vouchers, petrol vouchers, subscriptions to gyms, holidays and travel, cinema ticket books and subscriptions to magazines and newspapers.

The Company Welfare provided by Italo has a remarkable value: it enhances the work of its employees and protects them not only within their own working environment, but also in their private and family life, always emphasising how important its employees are for Italo.

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