People are the foundation of Italo’s success.

That is why Italo has always been committed, on the one hand, to manage health and safety on worksites in the best possible way, while, on the other hand, promoting the human and professional growth of its workers through classroom or online lessons made on a dedicated portal.

Italo believes in training and prevention as fundamental skills for the company’s success and, most of all, necessary to create human and professional value for its staff. That is why Italo has created an Internal Training School highly specialised on technical regulation matters (The Technical Training School).

Italo has a tailor-made welfare system aimed at bringing value to the role of people in the company. The system helps workers also in their private life through a wide offer made to fulfil the needs of Italo’s over 1000 collaborators.

This is the reason behind the Italo Welfareproject! A digital platform that all Italo employees can access to have dedicated information.Italo Welfare is like a folder, a sort of e-book subdivided in chapters that explains step by step the company’s growth. From company care to prevention culture, up to its tenacity just to mention some aspects behind the company’s stories and those of its employees.

Furthermore, Italo’s welfare foresees a free health insurance for its employees that can be extended also to other family members, thus guaranteeing a wide range coverage. There are also Flexible Benefits such as reimbursements for the purchase of schoolbooks, public transport passes, gym memberships or holidays and travel, cinema tickets or subscriptions to magazines and newspapers.

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